What's new in Slice 4.4

Slice Statistics

With Slice 4.4 we introduced a way to gather statistics regarding the Slice Models being used on an AEM instance - Slice Statistics.

Once activated, this feature will cause statistics to be gathered as AEM renders pages that use Slice Models. The data can then be inspected in the OSGi console.

The information available is:

  • the number of instances of every model,
  • the total time (in milliseconds) spent processing objects of each Model class, and
  • the average time each type of Model takes to initialize.

For more information, see Slice Statistics.

Registering injectors for multiple paths

Since Slice 4.4 a single injector can be registered for multiple paths, e.g. /apps/one-app, /apps/another-app. Thank you, Roy Teeuwen, for contribution!

Bug fixing

You can find a full list of fixed bugs in the release notes.